But upon further inspection, this video treat actually has a bit of a trick up its sleeve…

By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 31, 2017
candy corn dominoes
Credit: rkpphoto / Getty Images

Though every holiday seems to have a signature candy that inspires equal opinions of love and hate—from Easter’s Peeps to Valentine’s Sweethearts to Christmas’s candy canes—few are as controversial as Halloween’s candy corn. Though some consider the tiny candies to be little nuggets of goodness—and are willing to shell out for the abundance of accessories that make their love of candy corn clear—others lament their lack of a distinct flavor, waxy texture, and excessive sugariness. But regardless of how you feel about candy corn, here’s something you probably have never considered before… the little kernel-shaped piece can make for a fun addition to a domino rally.

Don’t believe us? Here’s exhibit A. To celebrate Halloween this year, the domino rally-focused YouTube channel FlippyCat posted a video entitled “Crazy Candy Corn Domino Spiral” where the “domino artists” do exactly that: using the tiny candies to create an impressive domino rally…

The results work so surprisingly well that you may be left wondering how this never came up as an activity during your childhood. In fact, the video immediately inspired a larger YouTube search to see how common this practice is. Believe it or not, only two other videos came up.

First, you have this effective, but rather boring 12 candy, straight line rally from 2012…

And then there’s this “sad” attempt (that’s the video maker's word, not ours) from 2012 where the candy corn essentially refuses to fall over…

That’s it. That’s your entire YouTube history of candy corn-based domino rally videos.

Which leads to our next question: Why have so few attempted this feat before? Well, FlippyCat actually addresses that in the comments to the video. “Making this was a little tricky, as getting candy corn to fall like dominoes wasn't too easy,” they state. “After trying a few techniques, I ended up free standing the candy corn on top of mini black dominoes, which blend into the black floor.”

Wait a minute! Yes, if you go back and watch the video more closely, you will see that, indeed, each piece of candy corn is actually assisted in its tumble by being stacked atop a black domino. Talk about a tricky treat.