By Matt McCue
Updated April 03, 2014
Credit: © Reece ST. Germain

Carnitas Papas Fritas Poutine; Euclid Hall, Denver

At this downtown brewpub that pours more than 50 beers,chef Jorel Pierce cooks up a Southwestern take on the Canadian classic poutine. He tops fries with PBR-and-OJ-braised pork legs, fried jalapeno, green chile, cheddar curds, goat cheese, chopped cilantro and lime zest.

Crackpot Inspiration: “We came up with this dish out of necessity,” says Pierce. “There are plenty of great chili cheese fries in town, but we can’t at them while were cheffing it up at Euclid, so we made our own. On an empty stomach, this poutine will render any wandering gastronomer full, satiated and wanting a beer to sober them up from the rich and salty swine.”

Outrageous Innovation: Making a loaded-up poutine that’s as spicy and zingy as it is indulgent, thanks to the citrus, chile and bright goat cheese . Flavor-wise, this poutine stands out because it’s balanced.

Detox Level: