It's not easy. 

Rebekah Lowin
June 02, 2017

We can't be the only ones who live for these Where's Waldo-style puzzles. C'mon. They're just the best.

And this one—which may keep you guessing for a solid 4 minutes, if you're anything like this reporter—is a particularly frustrating (in the fun way!) illustration by artist Sally-Ann Heron. Hidden among the colorful salad ingredients is Julius Caesar himself.

Get it? the salad? Yes, of course you get it.

In fact, it's such a welcome distraction from our  workday, we can't say we even mind that the whole thing's a marketing stunt by Subway. Alas, it is. As of May 31st, Subway stores in the U.K. are featuring different salad recipes each day of the week, from Chicken Tikka Monday to Turkey Breast Ham Thursday, and this salad game is their way of announcing that to us. 

Yes, Subway. The sandwich chain. We were confused, too.

Courtesy of Subway

"Customers can find Caesar sauce in all Subway stores nationwide," reads a press release from the brand. "But can they find Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic, hidden amongst these delicious Subway stores salad ingredients?"

Well done, Subway. Well done.

"The puzzle ties in with the launch of Subway stores' new salad offer, running from 31st May, that sees a different leafy wonder available for just £2.80* each day of the week for a limited time this summer," the release continues. "So consumers can forget about settling for lackluster and boring summer lunchtime options and instead spend all week discovering new salad flavours from their local Subway store."

Leafy wonder? Subway UK really knows how to make a Caesar salad sound bewilderingly exciting.

Meanwhile, we're just glad we actually found the Caesar in this salad at long last. Have a try yourself—and if you succeed, treat yourself to your own delicious salad. (Or, you know, a brownie. We won't tell anyone.)