By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 20, 2015
© Robert Bird / Alamy

Let this serve as a lesson to travelers everywhere: Keep your moose meat in your carry-on. Liam English lives in Ottawa, but he recently returned to his family home in Newfoundland, where he picked up several cuts of moose (which he had been craving). “I had four moose roasts, four moose steaks, three packs of ground moose and four packs of moose sausage,” English told CBC Radio. Alas, bag check would be the last place he saw this very full suitcase.

English’s bag never arrived, which leaves him short almost 25 pounds of wild Canadian moose. Though Air Canada has agreed to replace most of the bag's contents (including a brand new suit), they're balking on the moose. “They don’t replace perishable food, and you can’t put a dollar amount on it because it’s illegal to sell,” English said.

It sounds like some enterprising baggage handler just added a few more orders of moose to the Canadian black market. It doesn’t seem that English has set up a tip line—so if anyone has any leads on the whereabouts of the missing moose, leave them in the comments below.

UPDATE: According to the CBC English and his moose meat have been reunited. The meat however spoiled. H/T to reader Vicki Hartley.