Credit: © juj winn / Getty Images

Would you be interested in “strong teeth like a dragon’s”? Setting aside the fact that dragons are mythological creatures whose tooth quality can at best be described as “fictional,” the aforementioned statement is a real claim being made by the Austrian company Fitrabbit for their drink Bio Drachen Trank – a beetroot-based “fruit-and-vegetable juice” that the brand claims is good for your teeth.

Fitrabbit says that “the drink’s cavity preventing effect has been scientifically examined and proven,” and indeed, the juice was recently tested in a study at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria – not on dragons, but on human students. According to The Local, the research team believed that the tooth decay fighting properties of beet juice come from beets’ high levels of nitrates, so they tested 50 students, half of which drank the nitrate-rich juice while the other half drank a nitrate-free juice.

“We concluded that regularly consuming the beetroot juice provides enough nitrite to control the growth of lactic acid bacteria,” project leader Otmar Höglinger said. Controlling those bacteria can, in turn, slow the onset of tooth decay. A pH test of the volunteers also found that those who drank the beet juice had less acid in their saliva.

So is beet juice really the key to better teeth? It’ll probably take more than a single small test to prove that theory. But one thing is for sure: Dragons don’t exists. You can’t have teeth as strong as a dragon’s. That’s just not even a thing.