Food artists use elaborate pies and bento boxes to show their appreciation for the beloved Bill Watterson characters.
calvin and hobbes inspired pie
Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Clark-Bojin

Calvin and Hobbes are easily one of America's most beloved comic strip duos. The daily syndicated comic strip from cartoonist Bill Watterson follows the life and adventures of the pair—a rambunctious blonde-haired six-year-old Calvin and his stuffed anthropomorphic tiger Hobbes. Together the two, with the help of Calvin's huge imagination, navigate everything from school to icky girls to the depths of what friendship is all about. The strip spanned several decades and made Calvin and Hobbes household names, nearly overshadowing the philosophers who inspired them.

That's why it should come as no surprise that Calvin and Hobbes have earned a rather passionate following that finds ways to appreciate them in everything from quilts to key chains to food, partially because Watterson refused to license any official merchandise.

Here are a handful of tasty ways Calvin and Hobbes food artists have paid tribute to the iconic duo.

Strawberry and Shrimp Bento Box

This bento box was created by a mother of two who has been serving up creative pop-culture inspired meals as a tasty (and healthy) lunch for her sons for nearly five years. Known as Bento Monsters, the published cookbook author's Calvin and Hobbes-inspired meal features strawberries, shrimp, and seaweed on cheese.


Described by pie artist Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin as a "humble homage" to Bill Watterson, this towering apple piescaper was carefully cut using hand-drawn stencils, as well as an awe-inspiring level of patience and precision. Layered and carefully painted in food coloring before being baked, it's clear that Clark-Bojin has an eye for detail and a love for Calvin and Hobbes. You can see the entire pie-making process from start to finish in this video.


The custom bakery behind this towering cake can make cake sets, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies. While the bakers admit that they don't often make character-themed cakes, this two-tiered cake features comic Easter eggs for Calvin and Hobbes fans. In addition to rendering the sweet-looking characters, the top tier features one of the trademark cardboard boxes Calvin is known for imagining things in while the bottom tier sees Calvin in one of the comic's most recognizable moments—the log walk. The cake also features the many elements of nature Watterson's comic was known for.

Cake Pops

These cake pops were created by The Cake Pop Shop, a Florida-based cake popper who was inspired by her son's interest in colorful cakey treat designs. These custom-made pops feature the likeness of both Calvin and Hobbes, as well as scenes from the classic comic strip. Each pop was made with fully-baked cake that was crumbled and mixed with icing, before being hand rolled and sculpted then dipped in vanilla candy.


This local baker and graphic designer takes orders months in advance and makes every specially designed batch with natural and organic ingredients. This custom order features the Calvin and Hobbes characters closest to their comic form. On each cookie is a near replica of different iconic scenes from the strip and even includes some of its more memorable lines.

Rice and Cheese Bento Box

Yet another bento box, this creative lunch option was created as a tribute to the artist's boyfriend and his favorite comic growing up. Calvin consists of potato salad, imitation crab meat, seaweed on cheese, and cheese on ham while Hobbes was created by mixing rice with ketchup, adding cheese for his face and seaweed stripes. Other ingredients include rice mixed with black sesame seed and salt, lettuce, broccoli, string beans, carrots, and a potato croquette.