By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 10, 2015
Credit: © Nathan Pask 2014

Halloween desserts typically rely on cute clichés like marshmallow ghosts and gummy worms, so brace yourself for some of the most frightening and troubling desserts we’ve ever seen. From October 29 through November 1 outside of London, Cakeageddon will disturb visitors via "the world’s first edible horror farm," which means the installation will feature grotesque-yet-realistic cakes shaped like animals—or at least different parts of animals. The cakes range from a two-headed lamb to a basket of intestines to a life-sized pig dripping with strawberry blood.

The project comes from Eat Your Heart Out Collective, a group of food artists led by Emma Thomas (a.k.a. Miss Cakehead). Not much of a baker herself, Emma has taken to curating large-scale and moderately unhinging food events since 2010. Most recently she worked with London chef Jim Thomlinson on human-flavored burgers in honor of The Walking Dead and in 2012 she worked with bakeshop Conjurer’s Kitchen to bring the world some very unsettling candy baby heads.

In addition to the main event, Cakeaggedon will host two bake shops (one at the farm and one in London) where experimental eaters can take a creepy cake home to terrify loved ones. Those who can't make it can still admire our sneak peek of the crazy cakes.