White fondant

Roll out the fondant on a work surface that’s lightly dusted with cornstarch, then cut out fun shapes or use the whole sheet to cover a cake.

Colored fondant

For a solid hue, thoroughly knead food coloring into white fondant. To make swirls, knead in the color gradually until you get the look you like.

Food coloring

Liquid colors from the supermarket work well; pastes or gels provide deeper, richer tones.

Royal icing

This icing turns hard when it’s dry. Use it to “glue” or pipe designs; thin it with water to paint with it.


These metallic-colored balls come in various sizes. Affix them to cakes or cookies with royal icing.


Decorate the baked cookies once they have cooled completely.

The decorations here are available at baking-supply shops such as New York Cake & Baking Supplies; 212-675-2253 or

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