Tokyo's Coffee Cone combines two hot and cold treats into one.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 18, 2017
coffee cone
Credit: Topic Images Inc. / Gary Ombler / Getty Images

Coffee Cone, a café in Tokyo's Kōenji neighborhood, has us all wondering why this wasn't already a thing: as the name implies, they're serving coffee drinks in ice cream cones. Whether you're the type of person who'd go for a latte in a sprinkles-dipped cone or you're more into the matcha in a matcha powder-dusted cone kind of thing, you can probably find a coffee cone that you'd love.

To address the most obvious issue that comes to mind—wouldn't an ice cream cone full of coffee drip everywhere?—the cones are wrapped in paper and perched in jar mugs. As a bonus, the mugs give the coffee cones even more Instagram cred than they already had. Just looking through the #coffeeconetokyo posts is almost enough to make you want to book your flight to Japan immediately.

As cool as it would be if Coffee Cone were one of those tiny little places that only serves one thing but serves that one thing really well, Coffee Cone does in fact have other options on the menu. Sure, you can buy a cup of coffee not in an ice cream cone, or a cone of ice cream without any coffee, but you can also get sandwiches, breakfast, and more.

The ice cream alone is gorgeous enough, as shown by the café's sprinkle cones with biscuits sticking out of them, but, of course, the coffee cones are the real food porn. The go-to latte art is a happy face surrounded by a heart-like border, but there are also stars, abstract shapes, and more available.

If coffee in an ice cream cone sounds kind of familiar, you might be thinking of Cupffee, the company making edible coffee cups out of wafer. But Coffee Cone adds sprinkles, smiley faces, and general adorable-ness to the mix. For more, check out @Coffeeconetokyo on Instagram.