Café OLED opens with treats from Amirah Kassem later this July.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated July 02, 2019
Bravo/Getty Images

We’re now firmly in the era of colorful pop-ups and installations—take, for example, the millennial pink Museum of Ice Cream and its sprinkle-filled ball pits, or the rainbow rooms of the Color Factory. They’re designed to be interactive and Instagram-friendly, with eye-catching color schemes. The next pop-up to join the roster, however, takes everything one step further, allowing you to “taste” color, too. Enter Café OLED, a collaboration between the Pantone Color Institute (behind “color of the year”) and LG Electronics USA that’s set to open in New York City later this month. The experience will feature digital art created by David McLeod, an artist and illustrator who’s also worked with Apple, Nike, Toyota, and Adobe, all displayed on LG OLED TVs. Four colors from Pantone’s summer 2019 trend report—Pink Peacock, Turmeric, Aspen Gold, and Pepper Stem—will inform the café's design, as well as the food and drinks. As for what’s on the menu? Expect pastries from none other than Amirah Kassem, the owner and founder of Flour Shop.

“Café OLED by LG is a unique take on the iconic New York café dedicated to the power of color,” Michelle Fernandez, senior director of home entertainment brand marketing at LG Electronics USA, said in a statement. “We wanted to create a fun environment to show how intense color is displayed against our category-leading LG OLED TVs. It is an immersive experience, with activation touch points throughout the space, each exploring the relationship between color and senses."

Daniel Grizelj/Getty Images

If you’re unfamiliar with Kassem, you’ve probably seen her cakes—she’s behind the famous “Rainbow Explosion Cake,” a multi-layered, multicolored cake filled with a sprinkle core. With one cut, said sprinkles burst out in a colorful avalanche, and she’s since adapted the concept to other cake designs, ranging from a box of movie theater-style popcorn to a sushi roll. You won’t find the rainbow cake at Café OLED, but you will be able order several other Flour Shop staples, including pastries, cake pops, and cake balls. The colors and flavors will be influenced by the four Pantone summer colors. As for coffee, the café will also serve tinted lattes developed by local baristas, according to the announcement—and they’re very aesthetically pleasing. Available hot or cold, options include the Pink Peacock (beets and maple), Turmeric (turmeric and ginger), Aspen Gold (lemon and vanilla), and Pepper Stem (matcha and honey). With their bright colors, don’t be surprised if you see them on your Instagram feed within the next few weeks.

The pop-up will only run for three days, over the weekend of July 12 to 14—find it in SoHo at 386 West Broadway between Spring Street and Broome Street, open between 11 am and 5 pm. If you’re interested, you can RSVP on the Facebook page.