What would your ideal flavor be?
Cadbury chocolate
Credit: Simon Dawson/Getty Images

Cadbury is known for its iconic Dairy Milk chocolate bar, as well as the fruit and nut and caramel variations, and honestly, it’s one of those rare things that doesn’t need to be improved upon. It’s simple and delicious and it’s beloved the world over. Still, there are probably plenty of people out there who have some ideas about how to make a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar taste even better. Now, the chocolate company wants to hear from them.

That’s right, Cadbury is actually asking the public to come up with its newest flavor. If you think you have the perfect formula for their next big hit, head over to cadburyiventor.com and send in your suggestions. The website lets you customize your dream bar by combining a series of ingredients, including nuts, chilies, marshmallow, coffee, and even green tea. Basically, Cadbury is letting you unleash your creative side—there are about 90,000 different combos to choose from.

After picking your favorite ingredients—up to three—Cadbury will prompt you to give the chocolate bar a name, and write a few words explaining your decisions.

If you're chosen as one of three finalists, you’ll visit the Cadbury Chocolate Center of Excellence, where your chocolate bar will go from fantasy to reality, and then you may get the chance to see your creation on grocery store shelves in 2019. Before that happens though, customers in the UK will vote on their favorite flavor from the final three options.

You have until July 31 to submit your idea, so get out there, eat some chocolate for inspiration, and finally put that Cadbury addiction to good use.