Credit: © David J. Green / Alamy

Easter is still a couple of months away, but a pop-up café in London is prepared to give people in England all the chocolate eggs they can handle well in advance of the official arrival of the Easter Bunny. This week, Cadbury is opening an entire three-story store dedicated to nothing but Crème Eggs.

According to The Evening Standard, the first floor of the pop-up will be aimed at chocolate lovers on the go (we all know one of those, right?), focusing on takeout Crème Egg Toasties that will sell for £2 a piece. If a sandwich made from chocolate eggs isn’t enough Easter candy indulgence for you, then the second floor may be more your speed. It will resemble more of an actual restaurant, albeit one with a serious sweet tooth. Beyond the toasties, additional dishes there will be the very English-sounding Crème Egg and soldiers, Crème Egg tray bake and strawberries and Crème Egg. Somehow they missed the opportunity to create Crème egg omelets on a larger scale, though.

After all that sugar, it’s probably worth the added exercise to venture up to the top floor, which is described as an “interactive ball pool” for adults. What that has to do with Crème Eggs is beyond me, but then again my brain chemistry has yet to reach an alternate sugar-high state from eating a four-course meal that is primarily chocolate egg–based.

The crazy Crème Egg café will be open Friday to Sunday from January 22 until March 6, and interested parties are encouraged to book ahead if they want to be assured a spot. You may also want to schedule an appointment at your doctor for later in the week to make sure you aren’t in danger of slipping into a sugar-induced coma.