Credit: © Charlie Nordstrom

Do you like to live dangerously? Designer Wei Lie sure does—at least when it comes to her frozen pops. She’s created a group of “Dangerous Popsicles” that, though theoretically tasty, might offend your tongue in other ways.

According to her website, “Dangerous Popsicles are a collection of weird shaped popsicles inspired by cacti and life-threatening viruses.” The idea is to create a “unique sensory experience” by causing a disconnect between what we see, feel and taste.


The results certainly look stunning—with sharp edges and other strange shapes. And though the idea of putting something jagged in your mouth might seem counterintuitive, that’s the whole point, right?

Lie has even provided instructions for how to make these sinister-looking treats at home via the site Instructables. You will need to 3D print your own silicone molds, though.>

Maybe it’s best if we just sit back and hope Lie decides to bring these to market. Somehow, sticking a cactus in my mouth seems less frightening than mixing my own batch of silicone.