Bye, Bye Braun: Some Shocking Kitchen News

We tested dozens of small kitchen appliances to find the best in nine categories and the results will be revealed in our upcoming March issue. Sadly, we just learned that Braun, one of our favorite companies in a few categories, will start phasing kitchen appliances out of the U.S. market in March. I'm working on learning more about why but here's what I do know: Braun will continue to distribute other products, like toothbrushes and shavers. After Braun stops distributing kitchen appliances to stores, people will be able to buy them online until stock runs out. Then, they will only be available abroad. So, if you've always wanted that Braun immersion blender (our #1 pick and one cooks swear by)—get it now. Otherwise, you'll have to bring it back along with your raw milk cheeses next time you're in Europe

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