The Kickstarter-funded machine is finally available on Amazon and other retailers.

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pancakebot available on amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Do you remember the PancakeBot? It's the robot that 3-D prints custom pancakes, simplifying the pancake art process for all of us. Well, we've got great news and not-so-great news (great news for your breakfast, not-so-great news for your bank account): thanks to the PancakeBot's successful Kickstarter, you can now buy your very own pancake printer.

The PancakeBot was originally created by Miguel Valenzuela, a civil engineer and father living in Norway, as a way to delight his daughters. Once his invention started to get a following, he partnered with Storebound, a "product innovation company" whose other products include Matchstick custom scented candles and the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, a $20 machine that boils and poaches eggs.

The PancakeBot is available in red or black for $299.99 at Storebound's site. The black version, PancakeBot 2.0, can also change printing speed and comes with an SD card. Or you could buy the red version for $185.43 (down from $299.99) on Amazon. It might be worth it—watching the PancakeBot in action in this video, it's kind of like magic.

So what pancake-ified pictures can you print with your PancakeBot? The short answer is pretty much anything. The longer answer is that there's a database on the PancakeBot site of user-uploaded designs that are ready to go, where categories include places, characters, animals, logos and symbols, and miscellaneous, so you can make anything from a Volkswagen minibus pancake to a Jack Sparrow pancake with the click of a download button. Or, if you want to make your own pancake designs, you can follow the PancakeBot tutorials, which teach you how to use the machine, how to maintain it, how to create your designs, and more.

Humankind may not be ready for the power to print anything we want out of pancakes, but hey. At least now we know that when the robot takeover happens, there will at least be awesome pancakes around.