These floral frosting designs are (almost) too pretty to eat.

By Clara Olshansky
August 11, 2017
Courtesy of Sweet With Love

Anyone who's had a cupcake knows that buttercream is delicious, but it takes a special combination of baker and sculptor to turn it into straight-up art. And there's nowhere better to behold the beauty of buttercream art than Instagram. For starters, check out these incredibly gorgeous floral cakes and cupcakes.

Atelier Soo is quickly becoming web-famous for all her incredible flower cakes. Follow her at soocake_ully for more.

Leslie Vigil, a cake artist from California's Tasteful Cakes, makes lush, colorful cake creations like this one:

Ready for its close-up, this beautiful flower by Lilly Catalan of Lillyluvscakes is so detailed that every petal has three layers.

Lulu & Kayla Cakes deserves some serious credit, not only for how gorgeous these cupcakes are, but also just for how many of them they make, and for how many different varieties—hydrangeas, roses, and so much more.

Wow, this basket of flowers cake by Jakarta's Majolica Cakes takes it beyond just the flowers themselves: the "basket" that they're in is a work of art in and of itself.

And what would Instagram be without some millennial pink? These cupcakes by Sydney's Sweets with Love, appropriately enough, have us falling in love.

These cakes by Kissthecake, a Korean buttercream flower class, are so well-sculpted you'd be forgiven for mistaking them for actual bouquets.

These delightful floral creations, by Lucia Butter Cream Flower Cake & Class, another Korean class, look like they belong in paradise.

This floral wreath of a cake, from another Korean buttercream flower class, would look so gorgeous as a centerpiece that you might not want to cut into it.

We've got one more Korean buttercream flower class for you: these cakes from Kim & Cake's students are on point. Clearly the class did what it was supposed to.

Just kidding! We've got yet another Korean buttercream flower class: the La Fleurette Flower Cakes. We're loving these miniature, gorgeously detailed cakes. Okay, maybe it's time for all of us frosting-enthusiasts to go back to school!