Butterball's Turkey Talk Line Experts Are Headed to TikTok This Year to Try Out Viral Food Trends

But are they going to dance?

Turkey in the oven
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For many home chefs, cooking a whole turkey on Thanksgiving may be literally the biggest dish they cook all year — and as the centerpiece of a holiday that revolves around eating, it's not something you want to get wrong. So as America's biggest turkey brand, since 1981, Butterball has run the Turkey Talk-Line where customers could call in to have their turkey questions answered. And over the years, Butterball has kept up with the times adding things like texting and Twitter options in 2016 and an Alexa skill in 2018.

So how is Butterball tweaking the Turkey Talk-Line for 2021? With TikTok, of course.

A recent Butterball survey found that "83 percent of respondents said social media is a great place to get menu inspiration or recipes for Thanksgiving, and 73 percent have cooked or prepared food or a meal based on a viral food trend from a social media platform," with 56 percent specifically saying they've pulled recipe ideas from TikTok.

So as a result, Butterball is taking its Talk-Line experts to social media (including TikTok for the first time) in the form of a Turkey Talk-Line Taste Kitchen where recipes inspired by popular social media food trends "from waffling and air frying to adding kicks of spicy or zesty flavors through brines and rubs" will get a chance to see if they can get the Butterball thumbs up.

"It's been incredible to see the Turkey Talk-Line continue to reimagine ways to help hosts create a delicious Thanksgiving meal, with a turkey at the center, just like we always have," Nicole Johnson, director of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, stated in the announcement. "This year our experts have had so much fun trying the latest cooking trends taking over social media to determine which ones would receive the Butterball seal of approval, and we're thrilled to see people create and customize these recipes on their own."

Specifically, Butterball says they've already posted videos on a Stuffing Waffle Sandwich, Thanksgiving Roll-Ups, Pickle Brined Turkey, and Spicy Dry Brined Turkey. But the real question on everyone's mind is will the Talk-Line experts pull off some awesome TikTok dances? "While we're focused on helping everyone, especially new holiday hosts, cook a perfect turkey," Johnson told us, "I think there will be time for a little dancing, too."

Meanwhile, if you want to just call in your questions the old-fashioned way, Butterball says the toll-free Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL) opens on November 1.

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