By Joey Skladany
Updated July 13, 2016
Credit: © The Biem Butter Sprayer

For those who can’t believe it’s NOT butter, we want you to flip the script and believe IN butter. Or better yet, a butter sprayer that is able to take an entire stick of the good stuff and turn it into a beautiful mist. Sound too good to be true? Meet biēm: the latest culinary gadget that has already raised over $235,000 on Kickstarter.

In what is shockingly not an invention from Paula Deen, the Austin-based biēm allows butter lovers to place an entire stick inside a silicon-skinned canister, press a button and…voila! Sprayed buttery goodness whenever, wherever (perhaps they should consider Shakira as their spokesperson).

Some other perks, as presented on the product’s website, include:

  • A patent pending nozzle designed to prevent clogging
  • Butter that is melted at a perfect 95 degrees
  • Effective use with oils instead of butter
  • Lightweight and comfortable in your hand

Early dollar pledgers are guaranteed a price of $99, but we’re certain this will retail for much higher in stores like Sharper Image. It's the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. So sign us up, obviously.