Busch Light Teamed with David's Bridal on a $750 Wedding Dress

There's also a matching Busch bowtie.

Busch x David's Bridal Camo Gown
Photo: Courtesy of Busch x David's Bridal

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want your favorite people there, of course, but you also want other things you love: a DJ playing your most memorable tunes, a dress from an amazing designer, and the bar serving your favorite beer.

But what if simply drinking your favorite brew isn't enough? Finally, Busch Light has you covered on combining your beer with your gear. The delightfully low-brow brand has just launched its own formal wear, meaning couples can grab official Busch-inspired wedding gowns and bowties to triumphantly strut down the aisle in Busch Light style.

"Forget the blushing bride; the Busching bride has arrived," Busch boasted today in the announcement. The new collection comes courtesy of an "unlikely" collaboration with David's Bridal. The highlight of this partnership is billed as "the ultimate garment for a Busch Light-inspired outdoor enthusiast's dream wedding: A camouflaged wedding dress inspired by Busch Light Camo cans, which are now available for a limited time."

Busch x David's Bridal Camo Gown
Courtesy of Busch x David's Bridal

The dress can be purchased in either classic camo green or a more aluminum can-inspired grey, both of which feature the subtle addition of the word "BUSCHHHHH" weaved into the pattern, as well as a sweep train, side pockets, and an optional coverage panel. These limited-edition polyester dresses can currently be found on the David's Bridal website for pre-order from now until November 26 at a price of $749.99.

Apparently, an entire camo tuxedo would be a bit over the top, so David's and Busch are offering green and grey bowties with patterns matching the bridal gown for just $14.95. (To be honest, at a price like that, you could even make this your "everyday" Busch Light camo bowtie.)

Meanwhile, if you're interested in a Busch dress but are worried about blowing $750 on a camo beer dress you only plan to wear once, the brand says you can also follow @buschbeer on social to learn how to enter for a chance to win a free dress.

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