The brand is encouraging fans to take a hike while supporting the National Forest Foundation.

Want to score free beer for a year? Take a hike. No, literally. Beer brand Busch is encouraging thirsty fans to get out into the woods this fall, and their reward could be 365 days of pro bono brews. The contest highlights Busch’s support of the National Forest Foundation. Here’s how it works.

Starting this week, special medallions have been placed in six trees located in national forests around the country, “from New York to Nevada,” according to a statement from the brand. Today, Busch’s Twitter account began revealing clues to those locations every hour starting at 12 p.m. ET. Here’s where you come in: Find one of those medallions, take it home, and photograph yourself with the front and back (and your driver's license to prove you’re of age), then email it to Busch at Done? Congratulations, you’ve just won beer for a year (or the cash equivalent in some states).

So why is Busch supporting the National Forest Foundation? It has to do with the organization's mission to preserve and protect our forests which also impacts the water that comes from and flows through them. For beer makers like Busch, having access to clean water is essential to their operations.

“Busch is committed to the restoration of our public lands, marking this with a partnership with the National Forest Foundation. The NFF contributes to the enhancement of a 193 million-acre national forest system in this country, and we’re proud to be a part of those efforts into the future,” Daniel Blake, senior marketing director for Anheuser-Busch said. “This is the best time of year to be outdoors; we wanted to do more than just support conservation efforts with the NFF—we want our community outside responsibly enjoying our public lands. If free beer helps grease the wheels… then we’re happy to oblige!”

But hiking into the wilderness to find a free-beer medallion isn’t the only way you can support Busch’s efforts to assist the NFF. Anyone who decides they can duly pay for their beer can help support the NFF by buying specially-marked Busch Outdoor cans in packs of 18, 24, and 30. Busch will donate a portion of those sales through November 30—up to $175,000—to the NFF. And if you happen to be browsing YouTube and catch Busch's pre-roll—“Tree-roll”—ad (embedded below) and watch the whole thing without skipping, the company will plant a tree for every view, the equivalent of a $1 donation. More information and official rules of the free beer contest are available on the Busch website.

Hey, if you’re not into seeking out free beer by stomping through the underbrush (which you should do so responsibly and according to the rules of whatever national forest you’re visiting), watching a video from your computer to help preserve our forests is the next best thing!