By Farrah Shaikh
Updated April 02, 2015
© Il Mulino Prime

Where: Il Mulino Prime, New York City

What: Steak houses are not usually the first places you think of at brunch time, but that sort of short-sightedness just leaves you missing out on some epic solutions to your Sunday morning hangover. Case in point: Il Mulino Prime’s burrata French toast. Chef Michele Mazza combines cinnamon, honey, brown sugar, orange and lemon zest in the coating for his thick-cut challah and then tops it off with a massive portion of creamy Italian burrata. If that wasn't enough, the toast also gets doused with a berry sauce that makes for one hell of a beautiful dish.

Wash it down with: Il Mulino Prime's throwback cocktail, the Arnold Palmer—the grown-up version. Limoncello, vodka and Earl Grey bitters will give you a double shot of booze that will bring you back to your happy place.