Credit: © The Iron You

This week’s biggest burger news is all about the bun – or, more accurately, the lack of a bun. Japan’s Mos Burger has been getting international buzz for serving up a “tomami” burger – a hamburger that uses a halved tomato instead of a bun.

While Mos isn’t the first place to do a tomato “bun” burger, it’s certainly the biggest. But, driving the interest behind this bizarre burger is the fact that out of all 1700 Mos locations, the “tomami” is only available at one location, for a limited time, in limited qualities.

According to the Wall Street Journal, interested parties can only grab the burger at Mos Burger’s Osaki shop in Shinagawa between the hours of2pm and 5pm, and only 15 burgers will be available each day. A Mos’ spokeswoman said the concoction was conceived specifically to show off this year’s awesome tomato harvest: “Since the tomatoes were so delicious and large, we thought we should try using it in one of our products.”

If you’re having trouble booking a flight to Osaki that arrives during that window, you can always just make one yourself. Mike from The Iron You has a recipe with grilled tomatoes you can try. It might fall apart, but hey, at least it’s healthy. It must be. It’s mostly vegetables.