By Clara Olshansky
Updated October 07, 2016
Free Burgers for Life
Credit: © @burgerlove_aus

How far would you go for a free hamburger? Like, would you forever alter your body just for the chance of maybe getting some free burgers? Turns out, a bunch of people totally would. Café 51, a burger place in South Melbourne, Australia, has a contest going where, if you get a tattoo of one of their burgers, you could win free burgers for life. You can enter the #freeburgersforlife contest here.

According to CNBC, Café 51 will pick the 10 best tattoos. The winners will be entitled to one free burger a day, and you've got to show your ink each time to collect it. The tattoos are no small demand either. To qualify, they need to be life-sized replicas of the burger. And the entries so far aren't, like, modest little patties with a little bit of lettuce and tomato on them. We're talking stacked, oozing burgers with a ton of meat and all kinds of toppings.

So why is this contest a thing? Café 51 justifies it with the following airtight reasoning: "Tattoos are for life, so why shouldn't burgers be free for life too, right?...Coz we reckon that since you love us enough to join our #burgerfamily by getting a tattoo of one of our burgers, we love you enough to give you a free burger every day for the rest of your life!"

Want to get in on the competitive burger action but not quite ready to commit to the ink for life? Café 51 has a couple other competitions going too. There are are two Ultimate Burger challenges. To win the much less substantial prize of a t-shirt, a free burger, and your face on a wall, you can eat a 20-patty cheese burger with 20 pieces of cheese or you can try to down more than 19 sliders in 5 minutes. To keep up with the burgerful competitions, you can follow Cafe 51 on Facebook.