Choose to shop from over 1,000 brands (that aren’t Burger King).

Credit: Courtesy of Burger King

When the holiday shopping seasons kicks off this Thanksgiving, you’re likely to do at least some of your shopping online. Maybe you’ll go to or or — and of course, those companies make part of the profits for selling you whatever you buy. But recently, Burger King had an odd idea: Why not let Burger King help you do your online shopping, and as a thank you, they’ll use the commission they earn to reward you with free Whoppers and other Burger King food?

Yes, the whole things sounds a bit convoluted — and frankly, it kind of is. But at the same time, is apparently the real deal. Simply use the site as an intermediate step to shop at over 1,000 online brands, and Burger King will reward you with a certain percentage of “Whopper credits” based on how much you spend. You’ve probably used, or at least seen, similar offers when buying things from preferred brands with a credit card. The only significant difference here is that instead of getting your rewards as airline miles or cash back, they’ll come in the form of up to three $5 Burger King gift cards (“while supplies last,” the brand states).

The Whopper Shopper program launched today and will only be running until Cyber Monday, also known as November 26. But if you’re planning on buying stuff from online shops like Best Buy, Target or the aforementioned Walmart anyway — and you like Burger King — it seems like maybe you might as well go ahead and click through to these sites from and earn yourself some free Burger King gift cards, right?

You do have to sign up for a Whopper Shopper account, which means giving all of your contact info to Burger King. Maybe that’s a hoop you don’t want to jump through? You’ll have to think it over. I don’t think any of us were prepared to decide whether we wanted to do all of our holiday shopping by way of Burger King before hearing this news.