Burger King, steakhouse, burger, Doritos
Credit: © Burger King

After years of getting edged out by crazy fast food innovators like KFC (inventor of the Double Down) and Taco Bell (Dorito-ize everything!), Burger King has recently released a string of ridiculous menu items that have grabbed the imagination of the “that-sounds-so-horrible-I-just-have-to-try-it” crowd. First, the brand’s Cheetos-crusted mac n’ cheese bites, artfully named Mac n’ Cheetos, inspired the world to stop caring about its health again. Then, Burger King’s half-Whopper, half-burrito Whopperrito reminded us that anything can be a burrito as long as you have no respect for the meaning of the word “burrito.”

Now, Burger King Spain has decided it wants to try to get in on the fun. Spanish outposts of the burger chain (of which there are about 600) have just added a new burger to their menu: the Steakhouse Doritos burger. But whoever dreamt up this product must have been rushing to get to a siesta: It’s nothing more than an otherwise straightforward BBQ burger with a few Doritos between the patties and the bun.

According to Burger King Spain’s website, the burger consists of bun, meat, lettuce, tomato, bacon, queso americano, mayo, BBQ sauce and Doritos. The site bills the creation as “¡El mix más autentico!” It’s enough to leave you wanting to retake some Spanish lessons just to make sure you know the proper translation for the word “autentico.”

Covering the burger’s release, The Street wrote, “A source close to the matter said the new burger is a limited-time offering that is available at all Burger King's restaurants in Spain until Nov. 21.” It’s like if Woodward and Bernstein’s Deep Throat was just a guy who spent too much time hanging around at Spanish Burger Kings.

But the biggest question is whether or not we’ll see the Steakhouse Doritos burger here in the US? This country certainly has the ingredients. At least I think so. What is “queso americano” again?