burger king adult meal
Credit: © Leo Burnett Israel / YouTube

If your love life needs a little beefing up, there’s one place you and your date might want to check out this Valentine’s Day: Burger King. The Israel-based franchises of the fast food chain are offering a different kind of meal with a free toy inside… a sex toy.

According to AdWeek, the “Adults Meal” package is available after 6pm to anyone 18 and older, but only on February 14th. The romantic dinner comes with two Whoppers, two orders of french fries, two beers and an “adult toy,” presumably for dessert. That’s right, the creepy King guy wants you to chow down and get it on. Hey, if you and your special someone are still able to feel sexy after a beer and a Whopper, then good for you.

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Okay, so the actual “adult toys” in question are pretty benign. A sleeping mask? A feather duster? A scalp massager? Those items are also associated with non-kinky grown-up activities like light cleaning and taking a nap. It’s not exactly a 50 Shades of Grey starter kit. Besides, if you’re at a point in your relationship where you’re bringing home Burger King for Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance sex has been off the table for a while. Maybe opt for a refreshing vacation to reinvigorate your love life, like a Burger King’s fancy Scandinavian spa.

Of course, some people get turned on by the low-brow. If meat is your bae’s thing, there’s also a beef jerky bouquet or you could make roses out of bacon. And if you’re ready to take things to the next level, Domino’s Pizza has an engagement package and wedding registry. Perhaps the one feeling that has the power to connect people as deeply as love is indigestion.