popeyes and burger king
Credit: © jetcityimage / Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

Burger King might be adding a delicious new territory to its empire: The company that owns the fast-food enterprise is reportedly in talks to acquire popular fried chicken chain Popeyes.

Restaurant Brands International is looking to buy the Atlanta-based Popeyes, Reuters reported on Monday. If the two companies merge, Popeyes would join a multinational conglomerate that includes Canadian coffee and doughnut restaurant Tim Hortons.

A price has yet to be agreed upon and the deal is not guaranteed, according to Reuters, but Popeyes could be considering the possibility given Restaurant Brands International's global reach.

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The Louisiana-style chicken outlet operates less than 3,000 restaurants — approximately 1,600 of which are located in the United States. Burger King has over 15,000 locations worldwide.

Popeyes benefits from strong customer loyalty, however. The Cajun chicken-maker has a consistent fan base throughout the states, and a merger with Burger King in the vein of Yum! Brands' KFC and Taco Bell could result in a major expansion and some creative new menu items.

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