Burger King Wants to Help You Check Your House for Ghosts

The chain is also celebrating Halloween with a Ghost Pepper Whopper on an orange bun.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper will be available starting Oct. 10 for a limited time at restaurants nationwide
Photo: Burger King

Have you been hearing unsettling sounds in your house at night, like sudden thumps, unexpected creaks, or strange footsteps making their way up the stairs? Chances are, it's either your clumsy roommate coming home at 1 a.m., or you have a possum infestation. But just in case it's something else – something supernatural – Burger King can help you check your place for ghosts.

That's right: this Halloween, you don't have to Google "How do I call the Ghostbusters," you just have to download the Burger King app. From Monday, October 17, through Monday, October 31, Burger King's Royal Perks Members can access a ghost detector through the BK app — and then you can decide whether you really want to know what's making those spooky sounds in the attic.

In a statement, the company said that the ghost detector app uses "electromagnetic fields" to help you determine whether there's anything paranormal going on in your house. The company didn't claim that it was accurate, so take any of those results with a grain of (unhaunted) salt.

In reality, the real purpose of the Ghost Detector is to unlock a meal deal for Royal Perks Members. Burger King regulars who use the app's "Home of the Ghosts" feature can score a meal for two that includes the chain's new Ghost Pepper Whopper. The limited-time burger features a classic flame-grilled beef patty topped with spicy queso, bacon, jalapeños, and ghost pepper cheese on a seasonally appropriate orange-and-black sesame seed bun.

Burger King has a history of leaning hard into spooky season. Some of its other Halloween-themed offerings have included a "Ghost Whopper" that had the unsettling pallor of the recently deceased, and a "Halloween Whopper" that was served on a pitch-black bun. And in 2018, the chain debuted the "Nightmare King," a green-hued chicken sandwich that it said was "clinically proven" to cause nightmares. ("That doesn't sound like a selling point to me," a University of Arizona sleep researcher told VICE at the time.)

Whether you're interested in looking for poltergeists behind the bookshelves or not, you still need to act fast: the Ghost Pepper Whopper meal deal — and the ghost detector — will all vanish into the ether after Halloween.

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