Movember has a new face, and it's the ruler of Burger King.

If you find the Burger King King to be the most intense fast food mascot out there, you should know that the loss of his beard does not make him any less so. But it does, at least, lend support to a good cause. As part of the Movember challenge, the King of Burger Kings has shaved his iconic mustache and beard, and will spend the November month growing a "Kingstache" to raise awareness for men's health issues.

As it turns out, Movember isn't just a strange name for the "No-Shave November" tradition that makes people's faces very hairy every year—it's a global charity focused on men's health. Through Movember, the Movember Foundation is raising funds and awareness of issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

“We are proud to show our support for this cause and hope our guests enjoy watching the King’s mustache transformation throughout the month of November,” says Burger King, adding that The King will have his own profile on Movember's official site, "so the world can follow along with his journey."

If you really want to follow along with the Burger King King's journey, you can watch its very beginning in a YouTube video depicting the initial shaving process. The video also previews the many new mustache/Kingstache styles the King will don throughout the month, including the more traditional "Whopper Bun," the handlebar "Rodeo King," more understated "Whopper Jr.," stripe-based "Grill Marks," larger "Croissan'wich," and, of course, the "Onion Rings," which speaks for itself.

But though a monarch he may be, it's not all about The King. Rather, he's calling on his subjects to participate in the challenge themselves, and raise awareness for men’s health by "growing their own epic stache and sharing on social media with the hashtag #kingstachechallenge." While it probably won't measure up to The King's own royal facial hair, you can at least rest easy knowing that this burger ruler has your best interests at heart.