The Impossible Whopper Arrives at Burger King Locations Nationwide This Month

However, the chain still suggests curious customers try one 'while supplies last.'

Photo: Burger King

Over the course of the year, Impossible Foods has hinted at plans for new products — things like plant-based dairy and fishless fish — but all along, the company has maintained that its top priority has been ramping up production of its signature item, the Impossible Burger, to put an end to shortages and expedite its rollouts. Well, here's a good sign: After Burger King had to follow its April announcement that it would release the plant-based Impossible Whopper nationwide with an incremental expansion, today, BK says the wait is over. Starting August 8, the Impossible Whopper will arrive at all Burger King locations across the country.

"Before the nationwide launch of the Impossible Whopper, the Impossible Burger was hard to find despite being in high demand and that often led to fans going to social media to find where to find the Impossible burger is available," Burger King explains in the announcement. And yes, in that regard, Burger King really does have a coup: With over 7,000 locations coast-to-coast, Burger King is almost certainly the easiest way for many curious consumers to try the Impossible Burger for the first time. And since Impossible Foods has said the burger won't reach retail stores until September, that makes August a big opportunity for Burger King to get people through the door.

Additionally, as BK points out, you may not even have to leave your house to try the Impossible Whopper: This "100 percent Whopper, 0 percent beef" burger will also be available for ordering through the BK app and DoorDash.

Interestingly, however, Burger King does say that the Impossible Burger will be around "for a limited time only while supplies last." Whether that means they believe this new stockpile of Impossible Whoppers will sell out quickly or whether it means that the chain might pull the Impossible Whopper from the menu entirely at some point in the future, isn't entirely clear. Either way, if you've been wondering what all the hype is about, next week seems like a good time to get it out of your system.

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