The limited-time 'Ghost Whopper' hits ten locations around the country this month.


Depending on your tolerance for the spooky and scary, this Halloween you might find yourself on the trick end of "trick or treat" or accidentally wander into a haunted house only the be rendered white as a sheet with fear. If so, you'll have something in common with Burger King's latest Halloween-themed creation: The Ghost Whopper.

Credit: Burger King

Starting Thursday, the limited-edition, limited-release menu item will spirit its way into ten BK locations across the country to ring in the haunting season. Not only will the white bun bring a bit of paranormal to the party, it's also adding a bit of flavor as well. According to Burger King, the Ghost Whopper is comprised of "savory flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a White Cheddar Cheese flavored, white sesame seed bun." To introduce the spectral sandwich, Burger King even enlisted a medium who claims to have the ability to channel spirits to summon some of the dearly departed to taste test the burger at Los Angeles' allegedly-haunted Alexandria Hotel (watch that video here). Unfortunately, nowhere in the press release did it mention whether the Ghost Whopper was hanging out in the physical plane due to unfinished business.

The Ghost Whopper will be available for $4.59 beginning October 24 (and while supplies last) at the following Burger King locations:

  • Detroit, MI—19901 Van Dyke Road
  • Memphis, TN—3951 New Covington Pike
  • Philadelphia, PA—2400 Castor Avenue
  • Phoenix, AZ—2834 N. 44th Street
  • San Antonio, TX—822 Evans Road, Suite 107
  • San Diego, CA—6135 El Cajon Boulevard
  • San Francisco, CA—35 Powell Street
  • Savannah, GA—5918 Ogeechee Road
  • Summerville, SC—1601 Old Trolley Road
  • New Orleans, LA—2423 South Carrollton Ave.

The Ghost Whopper isn't the first time Burger King has toyed with its bun colors. The chain also released the A1 Halloween Whopper in 2015 which included an eye-catching black bun and a headline-making side effect involving green, uh, "aftermath." And speaking of green, in 2018 Burger King also released the Nightmare Whopper—a green-bunned burger that, purportedly, was concocted to give diners actual nightmares after eating it.

Of course, if you're not in the ten cities above and still looking to be creeped out at Burger King, there's always a chance you'll spot that unsettling King mascot hanging about to send a shiver down your spine.