For the first time in its 60-plus year history, the king of burgers is adding hot dogs to the permanent menu at its over 7,000 locations, and Burger King enlisted the help of one of the world’s most famous dogs, Snoop Dogg, to help spread the news.

Yesterday, word “leaked” on Twitter that Burger King had recruited Snoop Dogg to appear in its “internal hot dog training vids.” By the end of the day, the fast food burger—and now hot dog—joint posted the above video on YouTube “due to popular demand,” quickly proving that Snoop’s appearance is intended far more for publicity purposes than for actual training. As you can see, while the rapper is talented in many areas, providing detailed instructions on how to prepare hot dogs is not one of them. Plus, I don’t think an actual training video would feel the need to intro its instructor with a giant cloud of smoke implying that the guy who’s about to teach them how to cook hot dogs just finished smoking weed.

That said, getting Snoop Dogg to promote hot dogs is clearly a marketing coup for Burger King, no matter how they want to spin it. Whether the cookout staple will be as popular and long lasting at BK as Snoop Dogg’s recording career, however, will be interesting to follow.

BK is off to a good start. According to Today, Burger King is now set to become America’s largest hot dog seller. The grilled, not boiled dogs are set to arrive on February 23.