Admit to getting fired on LinkedIn, and Burger King will send you a free gift card.

whopper severance
Credit: Courtesy of Burger King

More so than ever, rotating through different jobs is a part of life. Occasionally, you're lucky enough to get laid off with a nice severance package that makes the search for the next gig that much less stressful. But more likely, you'll simply get kicked to the curb with no idea how you'll afford your next meal. Well, if you do get fired, Burger King wants you to know it has your back on that whole next meal thing. From now until September 1, the fast food chain is offering "Whopper Severance"—a free Whopper for those willing to admit they've been canned.

"Getting fired might not be fun," the brand proclaims in a press release, "but at Burger King restaurants getting fired like the flame-grilled Whopper sandwich is always a good thing." Therefore, thanks to the power of wordplay, the burger brand is offering a free Whopper to the first 2,500 people willing to publicly confess that they've been fired—with the free burger being presented in the form of "a Whopper Severance package in the mail complete with a Burger King restaurant gift card."

Interestingly, the way participants are asked to confess to being canned is by posting a public message on LinkedIn stating, "I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #WhopperSeverance." Compared to other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, the stakes of discussing your employment pitfalls on LinkedIn would seem a bit higher. But this promotion appears to be about more than just giving out free Whoppers. Burger King has also partnered with "career satisfaction experts" The Muse to offer the first 100 participants a 30-minute one-on-one Q+A session. And the King also subtly insinuates that, hey, maybe Burger King could be the place for you. "Part of the Burger Kings brand's mission is to hire hungry and hardworking people," the company states, "and over the past 3 years, the brand has created over 50,000 new jobs globally."

In fact, if you go back to that whole "Whopper Severance package" quote, Burger King does make it sound like a gift card is only part of the mailing. Any chance the company is planning to toss a recruitment pamphlet into that envelope? If this promotion is a unique recruitment plan, Burger King didn't seem to want to tip its hat. "We are always keen to bring great talent to our organization," Fernando Machado, Head of Brand Marketing at Burger King, said via email. "We have well-defined ways for people to search for jobs or apply to positions at Burger King, and that will continue to be open to all who are interested."