Burger King Is Testing an Everything Bagel Bun (That's Not an Actual Bagel)

The bagel-inspired brioche buns are currently rolling out in two markets.

Everything Whopper, Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Everything Breakfast Sandwich
Photo: Courtesy of Burger King

Often, a flavor will gain popularity with one food before finding its way to all sorts of other culinary creations. Pumpkin spice rose to prominence in lattes before being used on every conceivable product from Cup Noodles to Spam. Same goes for ranch which started as a dressing before being deemed worthy to dump on pretty much whatever.

Another example: "Everything," as in the everything bagel. The bagel is so popular that the same mix of spices — garlic, onion, salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc. — have been used on an array of other items from avocado toast to ice cream. And now, Burger King is even testing an everything-seasoned burger bun.

Starting this coming Monday, September, 12, two BK test markets will have the opportunity to try the bagel-inspired bun (which, for the record, is not a bagel, but a toasted brioche bun with everything bagel spices). Huntsville, Alabama and Albuquerque, New Mexico will both be getting a special, limited-time only "Everything Menu" featuring an Everything Whopper, an Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and an Everything Breakfast Sandwich.

All three items are essentially the same sandwiches you already know, but with its usual bun swapped with a toasted brioche bun topped with everything seasoning. (And in this case, the Everything Breakfast Sandwich features sausage, eggs, and American cheese.) Whether these test locations would be amenable to swapping in an everything bun on other menu items isn't mentioned, but this seems like as good a time as any to see if Burger King has any interest in revisiting their old "Have It Your Way" slogan.

Meanwhile, the chain points out that they've had a very experimental 2022: Beyond these latest bagel-themed buns, they've also tested other new items including the Impossible Original Chick'n Sandwich, Whopper Melts, and Cheesy Breakfast Melts.

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