For the price of one fancy latte, customers can enjoy an entire month of coffee.
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Perhaps the only downside making a to-go cup of coffee part of your morning commute is the cost. If you opt to make coffee at home, there's obviously a significant savings versus shelling out — at the cheapest — a buck or two each morning. But as a New Yorker frequently on foot and in between subway rides, I certainly value the ability to pop into a deli or cafe, pick up a conveniently lidded and paper-sleeved cup of joe and be on my way. While some major players in the convenience coffee business, such as McDonald's or Dunkin', are trying to compete with Starbucks by offering a menu of upscaled espresso beverages, Burger King announced today the chain is making a major play to compete on price by offering a coffee subscription for just $5 a month.

Here's how the coffee subscription service works: First customers need to download the Burker King app, where they can, starting today, sign up for the BK Café Coffee Subscription and also where they can redeem their daily coffee. Then, for $5 each month, those customers are entitled to one small brewed coffee per day (iced and specialty coffee not eligible). Considering that a small cup of BK Café coffee goes for a dollar, spending only $60 on (up to) 365 cups of coffee is a pretty remarkable savings of nearly 85 percent or the equivalent of only spending about 16 cents per cup which is a price most people probably haven't seen in a few decades. Of course, even if you're stopping by Burger King for coffee at least six times per month, it's still at least some kind of savings.

Right now the coffee subscription can only be redeemed via the app and picked up in-person at participating Burger King restaurants, and is not available for delivery. (The subscription model is, unfortunately, unavailable in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico).

Certainly, if Burger King is already part of your morning routine, this new service is probably sweet enough to let you forgo putting sugar in your coffee. And if you're not hitting BK up for coffee yet and aren't one for fancy espresso beverages anyway, it might be the kind of enticing deal that makes a quick detour worth it.