The plea is part of an ad campaign to promote the brand’s Master Burger.

When I was in high school, I lived within walking distance of a Burger King. As I had a penchant for eating their double cheeseburgers at the time, you'd think this would be a fantastic situation. And yet, I still regularly drove 20 minutes to go to a different Burger King because the food they prepared there was objectively better. That's how attuned my palate had become to Burger King—and so I'm fairly confident in saying that no Burger King has ever deserved a Michelin star.

Burger King Belgium, however, disagrees with me. Perhaps taking inspiration from an Australian KFC location that petitioned for Michelin recognition last year, Kevin Derycke—CEO of Burger King Belgium—has penned an open letter "for the attention of the Michelin Guide inspectors" in an ad campaign for his chain's Master Burger. BK's angle: Sure, the burger's mix of flame-grilled Angus beef, cheddar cheese, and wholegrain mustard and onion mayonnaise (this is Belgium after all) is perfect, but a Michelin star would taste even sweeter. Or more savory. Whatever.

Burger King reopens drive-thrus
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"At our place you won't get solid silver cutlery, a cotton satin tablecloth or a valet service at the front door," Derycke pleads. However, he later points out, "how many places does your little red book have that serve exceptional dishes that are on the table in five minutes, and where you don't have to book three months ahead? No, that's what we thought."

The letter concludes by asking "We deserve that little star, don't you think?" However, as The Takeout found, the answer is far from a resounding, "Definitely!" To accompany the campaign, which launched last week, Burger King Belgium also created a petition. As of this writing, only 387 people have been willing to attach their name to the idea. Trust me: As someone who has proven their willingness to travel for Burger King, if BK Belgium was truly worthy of a Michelin star, I probably would have moved there in high school.