And ten nuggs are just a buck.
Credit: Courtesy of Burger King

For many of us, there’s a critical portion of our childhood during which the only acceptable food on our plates is chicken nuggets. And who can blame us? They’re fried bits of homogenous chicken meat just begging to be dipped in a sauce that piques your palate, whether it’s the innocuous ketchup, the more mature choice of honey mustard, or even rarer options. It’s no wonder, then, that a love and craving for chicken nuggets follows us into adulthood. And fast food joints have been keen to cash in on the power of nugget nostalgia by offering them as an inexpensive side, from a four-pack on McDonald’s Dollar Menu to Wendy’s five-for-a-99-cents offer. Burger King shan’t be left out either, as the chain is dropping the price of its nuggets with an even sweeter ten-for-a-dollar deal.

Yes, that’s double what the other guys are giving you for the same price. Starting Thursday, October 11 participating Burger King locations nationwide will serve up the dollar deal for a limited time “as long as supplies last,” a BK spokesperson told me.

But what makes Burger King’s nuggets venture even more insane is that the brand is promoting its cheap its by pointing out just how much bang you can get for your buck. From October 11 through October 14, BK fans in three cities—Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Los Angeles—will be able to order a special 100 nugget deal for just $10 exclusively via Postmates, and that deal also comes with free delivery when you use the code NUGGS at checkout. There’s a limit of one order per customer, and it’s only good at participating locations in those three cities.

So what can/would/should you do with 100 nuggs (besides eat them)? Here are some ideas:

  • Build Nugget-henge.
  • Swap them in for poker chips.
  • Create a nugget sundial.
  • Use them to mark your trail through the woods (avoid witches in houses made of French fries).
  • Dip them in two different sauces and play checkers.
  • Mail one to each sitting U.S. senator.
  • String them together as a decorative garland.

Or, on second thought, just eat them.