The Burger Cycle

Photo © Peter Arkle

1980s Burgers are basic—thin, griddled patties on squishy buns in diners, or thick, grilled patties in steak houses.

1994 F&W publishes recipes for “modern burgers from innovative chefs,” including a Gorgonzola-stuffed patty from L.A.’s Campanile.

2000 At Santa Monica, California’s Father’s Office, Sang Yoon enforces strict rules for people ordering his cult burger—no substitutions, no ketchup.

2001 The $27 foie gras–stuffed burger at Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne in New York City ushers in the baroque-burger era.

2005 Due to massive lines at NYC’s Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, the online “Shack Cam” is introduced.

2012 The most beloved burger chains in America (Five Guys, In-N-Out) all serve essentially the same burger: thin patties cooked on a griddle, served on a squishy bun.

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