By Joey Skladany
Updated August 19, 2016
Courtesy of CNE

Jiminy Cricket! How will chefs choose to horrify us next?

The consumption of insect protein has gained significant popularity, but we’re not so sure people are ready to see crickets, mealworms and roaches staring back at them as they eat.

Thanks to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), vendor Adam Cohen is hoping to destigmatize the use of these creepy critters with his daring Bug Bistro booth.

“We want legs and thoraxes and wings popping out of things,” he tells the Toronto Star.

The creative menu, supplied by Entomo Farms, will offer insect-inspired tacos, vegetable rolls and even lime pie, but it’s the Bug Dog that’s been getting most of the media attention. Featuring an all-beef frank blended with cricket protein, the dog is then topped with cabbage slaw and roasted crickets for that extra crunch.

The verdict? "Not bad at all" and even delicious, according to many of CNE’s brave and hungry visitors.

While we're not so sure we'll be racing to feast on it, you can't really knock a food until you've tried it. Plus, the crickets are typically roasted in honey mustard or chili lime seasonings. And who can really resist those familiar and favorite flavors?

Does the Bug Dog interest you or induce the heebie-jeebies? Let us know in the comment section!