The beer brand will release 11 cans and bottles celebrating the home states of its U.S. breweries.

budwesier state packaging
Credit: Courtesy of Budweiser

When it comes to brewing up fun, Budweiser is taking some cues from Coca-Cola. Coke’s popular “name” cans have elicited positive responses from the soft drink’s patrons, and the promotion as a whole has been a serious (and oh-so-Instagrammable) success. Meanwhile, Budweiser’s “America” cans—which replace the word “Budweiser” with “America”— caused a bit of controversy when they were first introduced.

"Frankly, Budweiser calling itself 'America' is the most un-American thing I’ve observed in quite a while," president and co-owner of a South Carolina microbrewery called Brewery 85, Will McCameron, posted on craft beer website Brew Studs when the labels first debuted. Some thought the move was a political statement, including a certain candidate.

But we have a feeling their latest attempt at personalizing cans and bottles will be relatively less controversial—if only because those “America” cans paved the way, and because each celebrates a specific place in the U.S. where Budweiser is actually brewed. Starting today, the names of 11 states will be featured on the cans, once again replacing the word “Budweiser.” But that’s not all; the center “AB” monogram will feature each state’s initials instead, the “King of Beers” motto will be replaced with the state’s motto, and “Anheuser-Busch Inc.” will be replaced with the state’s semi-official nickname.

The cans and bottles will be available through the end of September, and will feature California (where two Budweiser breweries can be found) as well as Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

"Our new state bottles and cans celebrate the homes of our breweries and the communities that support them," said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Budweiser, in a statement. "Since 1876, Budweiser has been proudly brewed across America, and this summer, we're inviting local consumers to raise a cold one with us."