The Bud Light Lime spinoff is already garnering interest online despite no major announcement.
Credit: Jeff Kauck/Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine that an Anheuser-Busch product—a spinoff of Bud Light, America’s best-selling beer, no less—could fly under the radar. But this week, interest in Bud Light Orange—essentially an orangey twist on Bud Light Lime—began to grow, despite the fact that the brand itself has been surprisingly quiet about the new product.

Bud Light Orange hasn’t come completely out of the blue. Back in December, news broke on some beer-centric sites that Anheuser-Busch had gotten approval for an update of Bud Light Lime’s label as well as the label for a new product called Bud Light Orange with a rumored April 2018 release date. Interestingly enough, further confirmation of the new beer landed on none other than the blog of rival brand MillerCoors in January. But outside of that, chatter about the new orange brew remained relatively quiet until someone reported spotting it on store shelves last week to The Impulsive Buy, a site that specifically keeps a lookout for new products of note.

According to BeerMenus, which follows which beers are being sold at bars and restaurants, interest in Bud Light Orange suddenly exploded, with the elusive new product seeing its views increase 20-fold. And indeed, BeerMenus confirms that the new take on Bud Light is on about three dozen of its menus so far. Meanwhile, the beer has already racked up nearly 2,000 check-ins on the beer rating app, Untappd. Oh, and here’s the kicker, Bud Light has even already posted the beer on its Bud Light website.

“Introducing an all-new flavor just in time for summer. Bud Light Orange, America’s Favorite light lager now brewed with real orange peels. You can taste the citrusy goodness,” the beer’s official webpage states. “Available for a limited time only this summer!”

To be fair to Bud Light, summer isn’t quite here, so maybe this is just a cat that’s slipped out of the bag. But with all the buzz the beer has gotten on its own—to use the same analogy—this bag had a lot of really big cats that already appear to be running rampant. Meanwhile, Bud Light has remained suspiciously quiet. (We reached out to the brand for comment and will let you know if we receive a response.) Could it be that the same people who brought you “Dilly Dilly” are working a piece of organic marketing genius? We’ll let you decide.