Buckingham Palace Needs a New Pastry Chef

Could you bake cakes fit for a queen?

Working for the royal family would be—to put it mildly—the icing on the cake of any chef's career. You'd be working in a literal palace—Buckingham Palace to be exact—everyday. You'd be privy to all royal family's secrets (everyone knows the best gossip comes through the kitchen). You might even get to meet Meghan Markle. For one lucky person, that dreamed-of achievement might become a reality. Well, one lucky person who is also a well-trained, experienced pastry chef that is.

Buckingham Palace is currently on the hunt for a classically trained pastry chef to join the royal family's staff. According to the job description, you won't just be baking chocolate cakes for the Queen all day—you'll also be planning and preparing desserts for her guests (the palace hosts state dinners throughout the year, for instance).

This is not a position in which you'll be decorating cupcakes with frosting roses, nor will you be confined to the back of the kitchen, rolling out dough for pie crust. Whoever fills this position will work directly with the Head Chef to develop new menus, plus you'll oversee the kitchen's entire pastry team. And you won't just be working at Buckingham Palace; as needed you'll actually get to travel to the other royal residences. Holiday in the Scottish Highlands anyone?

Of course, cooking for the Queen herself isn't a walk in the park, so this job won't be cushy (even if life for the members of the royal family living in the palace probably is). Chances are, it's probably hard to impress the Queen, so whoever decides to apply for this position had better bring their baking A-game.

While it might be tempting to apply just because your family once praised pie you brought to Christmas dinner, unfortunately, applicants have to come from a fine dining or five star catering background. So if that's you, you have until June 26 to apply. After all, it's your duty to serve queen and country—especially if that means you get to bake her breakfast pastries.

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