Target, brunch candy corn
Credit: © Target

If there are two things I love most about fall, it’s outdoor brunch and candy corn. Thanks to Brach's, I can now have my fall and eat it too.

The candy corn masterminds have decided to revamp their traditional recipe with the release of Brunch Favorites: a limited edition variety bag with the flavors French Toast & Maple Syrup, Waffles & Strawberry and Chocolate Chip & Pancakes.

Sold exclusively at Target for $3 (or less online!), the novelty treats should pretty much turn even the most obstinate of candy corn haters.

That is unless you work at PopSugar. Their team got a hold of a bag and the reactions were mixed. While one employee praised the flavors as "better" than traditional candy corn, another proclaimed "I do not like these period." Whomp, whomp.

You'll clearly have to buy a bag and try these yourself. And if we could make one suggestion to Brach's for next year's batch (assuming these fly off the shelves), add a mimosa flavor to appeal to an entirely different brunch-loving demographic.