As you might expect — or hope — it's futuristic but also classy.
bruce willis chrome kitchen
Credit: Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

If you’re Bruce Willis—star of the classic film Die Hard—you’re obviously going to have some nice spots to relax in between jet setting adventures and movie sets. In this case, one of those spots is a six bedroom duplex in Manhattan, overlooking Central Park. Willis recently listed the apartment for sale with Douglas Elliman real estate, citing the fact that his family isn’t in town enough to take advantage of the space. We’re having some serious envy over the kitchen’s all-chrome accents.

As you might expect, or hope, the kitchen is super modern: There’s an island, but that’s about where the typical kitchen accouterments end. There's an entire wall of chrome-accented cabinets complete with frosted glass and what appears to be a built-in refrigerator. Of course, the kitchen island also comes in matching chrome, but even the dining room table and the ceiling light are chrome. The attention to detail is impressive.

The style is very futuristic but also classy — it’s not too shiny that it would blind you on a sunny day, but it’s also just enough chrome to feel special.

Overall, the apartment, which is currently going for $17.75 million, has a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The walls, ceilings, staircase are all white, and the bathroom — which features a steam shower and soaking tub with a window overlooking the park — is completely constructed in the most soothing hues of cream and white marble. It looks like the type of home that would provide an oasis from the constant honking, barking, siren screeching, tumult of city life that is pervasive in every corner of the city — even Central Park West.

What’s perhaps even more intriguing is why an action star like Bruce Willis went for an environment that feels so elegant and calming. Could it be that Willis, known for films that feature high-speed car chases and explosions, is actually much more zen in his daily life? If this apartment is any indication, the answer might yes.