Wipe away your rage tears over the show's cancellation and laugh along with us as we revisit that time Detective Boyle tried to start a food truck.
Brooklyn 99 food moments

Last night, Fox announced that after five seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the Andy Samberg-led comedy which follows a tight-knit group of police detectives on their wacky misadventures, would be canceled. The decision devastated fans, who rightly praise the show for its diverse cast—of the nine main cast members, three are women, four are people of color, one is gay and another is bi-sexual—and its incisive handling of issues from LGBTQ rights, to racial profiling and gun control. It’s probably one of the most progressive shows on television, but it’s also straight up hilarious—and has an underrated fixation on food.

Sergeant Terry Jeffords obsession with eating yogurt is a perfect contrast to his bodybuilder physique (but it is full of protein after all), while Detective Charles Boyle's status as the precinct’s resident food expert only seems to exacerbate his penchant for getting himself into awkward situations. Meanwhile, Hitchcock and Scully lounging at their desks eating junk food (shirts covered in crumbs, and sometimes not wearing shoes) is all of us when work is just too monotonous to keep going. We can seriously relate to this food-centric view of the world.

Deadline has since reported that there’s a strong chance the show might find a new home at Hulu, but while you wait in limbo to find out if Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be rescued from cancellation, come with me on a journey where we will re-live some of the funniest, strangest, and sometimes a little gross, food moments on the show.

Terry gets hangry

When Boyle accidentally leaves the precinct fridge open, Terry’s lunch—an entire ham, bulk package of yogurt, and meatballs, among other delicacies—is completely ruined. He tries, unsuccessfully, to eat for the rest of the day, eventually stuffing his mouth with packing peanuts. A hungry Terry is scary Terry, and when he finally does get his long-awaited meal, nothing gets in his way.

Captain Holt might be a robot

Raymond Holt, the team’s tough love mentor, is known for his practical outlook on the world: His super serious attitude leaves little room for joking, he follows regulations to a T and counts proper grammar among the loves of his life. He's also a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When Boyle tries to coax an emotional reaction out of him during a discussion of their favorite foods, Holt confesses that his views on eating are strictly utilitarian: “I want a sandwich, I make a sandwich, I eat a sandwich.”

Please call Boyle ‘Chef’

Boyle is well-known at the 99 for his love of cooking and food, and with an investment from his co-worker Amy, he decides to take his skills to the streets—literally. Boyle opens up his very own food truck. Turns out, he might have been watching a little too much Gordon Ramsay because he’s a fiercely controlling perfectionist in the kitchen.

Hitchcock and Scully rebuke the healthy eating movement

These two long-time detectives might be dead weight at the office, but their secret nap room, stash of snacks, and late-night ritual of eating entire cakes together while watching movies is serious goals. Bonus: Hitchcock musing on the word pickle.

Boyle’s very scientific pizza rating system

What elements make a great pizza? According to Boyle, you should take a few factors into consideration: mouthfeel, crust, cheese, and texture. He covers all this in his weekly email blast, of course.

‘Be free noble bird’

Thanksgiving with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew doesn’t always go smoothly: First, Boyle dresses up like a turkey, and then the real thing tries to attack the detectives. Best to just order in some Peking duck.

Update 5/14: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked for season 6 by NBC. Yes!