Making the internet slightly more bearable. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 24, 2017
troll cakes sloppy butt
Credit: Courtesy of Kat Thek

Looking for a chance to troll back at Internet trolls? Troll Cakes, a Brooklyn based bakery has got your back.

Let's say someone says something nasty about you online (a unfortunately frequent occurrence on the internet these days), in a Facebook comment or a tweet, for instance. You could hit that reply button and start a full blown feud, or you could take the high road—and send your nemesis a delicious dessert.

All you have to do is submit an order to the bakery along with the scathing comment in question and the address of the commenter. Then the folks at Troll Cakes will bake a chocolate chip brownie cake, complete with whipped frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and the comment written in icing on top, and mail it off to the offending party. The cute prank will only cost you $35 dollars.

Don’t know the person who damaged your pride? Troll Cakes will sometimes assume the role of detective agency and try to track down your troll for $60, but they don't accept every case they get.

"If you have a legitimate lunatic after you, we don't suggest a Troll Cake," Kat Thek, who founded the bakery, told me in an email. "We've seen Fatal Attraction and don't think that any amount of Troll Cakes would have saved that rabbit from Glenn Close."

She can't guarantee that she'll be a successful defective every time, either.

"We'd love to track down every troll, but some are so deep in their troll holes that we just can't spend the time luring them out," she added. "That being said, we take on the vast majority of submitted cases."

Thek told New York’s Pix 11 that the clever company’s motto is “See Something, Cake Something.”

She said that she was inspired to start Troll Cakes after witnessing one of her favorite musicians being bullied online.

“People were saying bizarrely mean things to Dolly Parton it made me really mad, she is a treasure everyone loves her. What is the point of being mean to Dolly Parton?”

Thek appreciates the contrast between someone being purposefully unkind, and the “colorful, idiotically happy cake,” being delivered to their door.

And for the politically inclined (a group that certainly includes a great many trolls and troll victims alike) Troll Cake has one more trick up their sleeve: For $30, they’ll send a cake embellished with your favorite Trump tweet.