'World's First Avocado Bar' Coming to Brooklyn (Of Course)

OK, it might not be the first, but it is the most Brooklyn.

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Despite the concept being riper for jokes than a dark green-skinned avocado, it's a little surprising to hear it's only now happening for the first time: A forthcoming American eatery is claiming to be "the world's first avocado bar." Granted, a simple Google search reveals that's probably not the case: An all-avocado restaurant, The Avocado Show, already opened in Amsterdam earlier this year and even then was only confident enough to bill itself as "Europe's first avocado bar." Still, when it comes to potentially false news claims, saying you're opening the world's first avocado bar can be considered on the fun side of spectrum.

Avocaderia, as the new avocado-centric carryout restaurant is set to be called, should be opening "soon" in Brooklyn – which, outside of maybe Mexico, is where I'd expect a dedicated avocado restaurant to open. And not just any part of Brooklyn either: It's opening in the industrial wasteland-turned-uber-trendy office space complex, Industry City, located in the off-the-beaten-path neighborhood of Sunset Park. As the New York Times quipped, now "Brooklyn has it all."

Possibly catering to the local Brooklynites appreciation of irony, this avocado bar is not being launched by Mexicans or Californians or the like, but by a trio of native Italians – two from Florence and one from Modena. Co-owner Francesco Brachetti told the Times he fell in love with the green fruit after living in Mexico. "I ate them every day," he was quoted as saying. "We didn't have them in Italy." However, now that they're in the know, these Italians claim they are doing it right: "All our avocados are organic, farmed in the Mexican state of Michoacán by a consortium of local farmers, and fairly traded to the US," the bar says on its website. "Avocaderia only works with suppliers respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees." Hopefully, a trio of Mexicans will open a wine bar next door that only serves organically farmed Chianti to help balance out the universe.

As for the menu, Avocaderia promises "toasts, salads, bowls and smoothies" and "influences from many different cuisines . . . including the use of Pico de Gallo from Mexico, Shichimi from Japan, and Duqqa from Egypt." Though it's not yet open, the small takeout spot already has an Instagram page overflowing with appetizing pics of everything from your classic guac to "avocado tartare" – not to mention enough posts of different takes on avocado toast to put your closest foodie friend's Instagram to shame.

All joking and overblown "world's first" claims aside, this concept really does look like it might be a true avocado lovers haven – assuming you're savvy enough to find it. But hey, if you're not, good news: Its Sunset Park neighborhood is actually known for its amazing selection of authentic Mexican restaurants.

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