Sorry, mushy peas.

By Mike Pomranz
June 16, 2017
Adam Gault / Getty Images

When I think of British vegetables, I tend to think of the classic fish and chips accompaniment of peas, Sunday roast sides like parsnips and turnips, or a long boring discussion about exactly what the hell rhubarb should be classified as. But if you ask Brits themselves what their favorite vegetable is (or should we say “favourite”?) the answer might surprise you… broccoli.

Broccoli – which, fun fact, the English used to call “Italian asparagus” when it first came to the country – topped a recent survey conducted by Diabetes UK to land the title of Britain’s favorite vegetable. According to the Press Association, much like in the United States, broccoli has undergone an impressive image improvement on that side of the pond as well. Once considered the bane of children’s palates and a joke punchline, the member of the cabbage family has finally endeared itself to the country, scooping up 12 percent of the votes placed in an online survey of 2,000 UK consumers. Sweetcorn and tomato took the next two spots with 10 percent each. Meanwhile, kale finished last in the poll with a mere 18 people opting for the leafy green – representing less than 1 percent of all votes.

For the record, the survey also broke favorites down by region and, in Eastern England, the pea prevailed, meaning there are still parts of Great Britain where citizens stick to the classics. As opposed to those big city folk in London who, when asked about their favorite fruit, opted for mango. Apparently someone loves their Indian takeaway!

Speaking of which, in its effort to promote healthy eating, Diabetes UK also asked about Brits about their favorite fruit. Strawberries took the top spot with 14 percent of the vote, followed by bananas, pineapples and the aforementioned mango. Though if given the option, I’m guessing most British people (and people everywhere, really) would say their favorite fruit is fermented grapes.

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