By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 05, 2016

For most Londoners, kebabs are a cheap and easy late night drunk food perfect after spending a few too many hours in the pubs. But Onder Sahan, head chef at London’s Hazev Turkish restaurant, wanted to take the kebab to new heights both in culinary terms and in price. And thus, he gave the world the £1,000 kebab.

So how do you craft a $1,400 kebab? Sure, you could start with a $1,390 skewer and then toss any old crap on there, but Sahan’s creation is all about using the best ingredients: Japanese Waygu beef, a mixture of milk-fed lamb and goat, morel mushrooms, French Chaumes cheese, courgette flowers, Turkish basil, Jerusalem artichokes, 25-year-old vinegar and La Vallee des Baux olive oil. Sadly, the skewers appear to be normal. Maybe you can find a gold toothpick for afterwards.

“We tried to change the kebab image,” said Sahan, who was recognized as the country’s best kebab chef at this past month’s British Kebab Awards. Hopefully next he will change image of falafel. Vegetarians should be able to waste their money too.