The mini treats replace a second meal service on some flights.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
British Airways Candy Bar Replacement Meal
Credit: © AFP/Getty Images

Airline meals have always had a bad reputation, and now one major airline is looking to eliminate some meals altogether. British Airways announced this week that they’ll be phasing out some flights' meals and swapping them for “fun-sized” candy bars.

According to USA Today, passengers flying in economy seats across the pond have traditionally received a second in-flight meal shortly before arrival at their destination—typically consisting of a sandwich and snack. Now, those taking flights under 7 hours to the United States and Canada will receive a bite-sized candy bar in the sandwich’s place.

Though passengers on trans-Atlantic British Airways flights will still get a full meal at the beginning of their flight, many passengers see this cost-cutting measure as stingy given the price they pay for the long-distance ticket. “I know airline food is never usually anything to rave about, but I do think it’s insulting to be served a fun size chocolate bar after paying so much for a seat,” one passenger tells The Sun.

Alex Cruz, who was recently brought on as British Airways’ CEO, reportedly considered simply charging for in-flight food, but instead decided to reduce the free offerings. In the past, the airline has given passengers a full three-course meal and snacks towards the start of their long-distance flights, followed by the second meal hours later. While this decision will affect many flights into the States, travellers taking long distance flights to the West Coast will still be offered the second meal.

Despite the backlash, one British Airways spokesperson pointed out that the airline still offers “a three course meal, bar service and snacks,” so passengers aren’t exactly left starving. But for some passionate sandwich fans, this decision could drive their international travel dollars elsewhere.